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Corporate social responsibility

The Board of Directors of PAPADIMITRIOU C.C. SA supports sustainable development and is committed to manage the company in a way that respects the environment, looks after the safety of its personnel and works for the benefit of the society as a whole and,  especially, of the local community.

The Management of the company is committed to:

  • apply this Policy at all levels and sectors of the company’s activity,
  • comply with the requirements of the current legislation and all the qualitative standards, policies and relevant procedures applied by company,
  • reinforce the two-way communication with all interested parties, in order to promptly recognize and record their needs and expectations,
  • ensure suitable and safe conditions for the personnel and the visitors of the facilities,
  • protect the human rights and provide a working environment of equal opportunities, without any discrimination,
  • protect the environment,
  • support social, humanitarian, cultural and athletic actions in cooperation with the competent institutions. These actions can be on local, national and international level.

To fulfill the above, the company has developed and has implemented appropriate policies such as the Environmental Policy, the Human Resources Policy and the Code of Ethics. Additionally, it sets and monitors relevant objectives, provides resources, and encourages its partners to adopt similar policies.

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