Coq au Vin with Bacon, Pearl Onions and Mushrooms – Kalamata Papadimitriou

Coq au Vin with Bacon, Pearl Onions and Mushrooms

Dimitris Skarmoutsos, Chef

TIME: 150min


2 bottles of red Burgundy (750ml each)
1 tbsp mixed pepper corns (black, red, green)
1 tbsp allspice corns
2 carrots peeled and roughly chopped into bite size pieces
1 large red onion, halved and sliced
3 bay leaves
1 large free-range chicken (rooster) 2,5-3kg, cut into large pieces
3 tbsp olive oil
300 gr bacon, cut into strips
20 gr butter
12 -15 shallots or pearl onions
250 gr white mushrooms
35 gr all-purpose flour
100ml chicken stock (that has completely cooled down)
5-6 tbsp Fig Balsamic Cream Kalamata Papadimitriou
4-5 sprigs of thyme
4-5 leaves of sage 

In a large bowl, combine the wine with the peppers, allspice, carrots, onion and bay leaves.
Wash and dry the chicken pieces and place them in the bowl with the marinade ingredients.
Cover the bowl with cling film and leave it in the fridge overnight.
The next day, remove the chicken pieces from the bowl, dry them on kitchen roll and leave aside.
Use a strainer spoon to remove and keep the vegetables; then strain the marinade, throwing away what is caught in the colander.
In a large frying pan, heat the olive oil and brown the chicken pieces from all sides.
Remove the chicken from the pan and leave aside.
In the same frying pan, add the vegetables from the marinade (carrot and onion) and sauté for 2-3 minutes; using a strainer spoon, remove them from the pan and leave aside.
In a Dutch Oven, place the chicken pieces, adding the vegetables and the liquid from the marinade and place in a pre-heated oven.
Roast for about 1 ½ hour, occasionally checking to see if the chicken is tender but without falling apart.
In the meanwhile, in a large frying pan over medium heat, fry the bacon strips for 7-10 minutes until crisp, with most of its fat gone.
Using a strainer spoon, remove the bacon from the pan and let the extra fat strain on a paper towel.
In the same pan, add half of the butter and as soon as it gets hot, add the shallots (or pearl onions) and sauté for tend minutes over medium heat.
Add a little juice from the roasting chicken and allow them to simmer over medium heat for about 20 minutes until tender.
Put the remaining butter in the pan, add the mushrooms and cook for about 5-7 minutes.
Remove the sautéd shallots and mushrooms from the pan and leave aside.
When the chicken is almost ready, open the oven, take out the Dutch Oven and add the shallots (or pearl onions), the mushrooms and the bacon.
In a bowl, mix the flour with the chicken stock and the Fig Balsamic Cream; as soon as you get a homogeneous mixture, pour it over the food in the Dutch Oven.
Shake the Dutch Oven so that the stock-balsamic cream mixture goes everywhere; then return it to the oven without its lid for another 20 minutes, until the flavours are well combined.
Take the Dutch Oven out of the oven, garnish with fresh thyme and sage, allow the food to rest for 30 minutes and serve.


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