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The world of barbecue

Ο κόσμος του μπάρμπεκιου

The barbecue is always a good occasion to meet with friends and a chance to escape from the usual flavours. Cooking on the grill is a true outdoor celebration providing a distinct tasteful result and valuable memories to both, “grillers” and “tasters”.

A lot of interpretations and origins are attributed to the word barbecue, but the most predominant version is the one that links it to the word barbacoa. The Indian tribe Taino used this word to describe a special device that was used to smoke foods and meats.

Most likely, the Indians also own the first use of the word in the sense that we know it today, that is, as a culinary method, while its first appearance in written form is attributed to the Spanish explorers.

In any case, in Greece the word barbecue brings to mind sheer delight and good company, creating mental images of gatherings around the fireplace or outdoor summer meals and traditional festivals. It is no longer a meat-eater’s affair, since there are abundant and delicious options for vegetarians.

An invitation to a barbecue indicates that one should expect any food that is cooked in a charcoal oven, grill or wood fireplace. If you are not among the lucky ones possessing a beautiful and traditional stone-built fireplace, you can buy a grill that will offer you a great taste effect. Depending on your requirements (and abilities) you can find a wide variety of models on the market. For this particular category, it is more important to invest in practicality and safety than in design.

The basic tools you are going to need, besides the shovel and tongs for the charcoal, are grills, crockery with large and well insulated handles, thermal or silicone oven gloves, basting brushes, well-sharpened knives and serving utensils.

In what concerns grilling methods (direct, indirect, on the spit, on ember, etc.) or during the grilling itself, what you choose to grill plays a big part. A lot is also being said about the talent and the “hand” of the “griller”, but we have no evidence about this issue, as each griller has a different stunning story to tell.

However, the griller’s talent is often supported by seasoning spices, herbs and the right marinade. Aromatic herbs such as oregano, rosemary, laurel and sage add a distinct aroma to your food and transform the experience into a journey of flavour. Combined with the delicious BBQ balsamic cream Kalamata Papadimitriou, they provide you with lots of comments of praise!

BBQ balsamic cream is a choice that can change the whole barbecue process and raise the level of flavour and image. It combines aromatic herbs and natural aromas that go beyond the ordinary. It wonderfully accompanies not only grilled meats but also burgers, octopus on the grill (do not forget to accompany it with ouzo) mushrooms and vegetables. You can also use it as a dip for the chips that will accompany your main meal.

For all of you who love good food and enjoy sharing it with good friends, the barbeque is an ideal choice. While the weather allows, go out into an open and sunny place, put the charcoal in the fire, put the radio on loud and let the aromas of the balsamic cream combine with the tastes you like and create delightful memories.