Strawberries: No one can eat just one! – Kalamata Papadimitriou

Strawberries: No one can eat just one!

Delectable, bright red, juicy and full of sweetness, strawberries are one of the healthiest addictions! It is a delicious and nutritious fruit that goes perfectly well with desserts, and especially chocolate. But it can also be eaten plain as a fruit and has the “reputation” of children’s favourite fruit

Let’s get to know it better.

Most probably the history of strawberry starts from Chile. Its cultivation dates back to the pre-Christian era, rapidly winning the Romans over. In fact, history has women in Rome making perfumes and beauty products from wild strawberries

In the 14th century, the French become the most fanatical strawberry fans, though it will take another 100 years until the happy marriage of strawberry and whipped cream. And this match only happened thanks to the English.

Nevertheless, the cultivated strawberry as we know and enjoy today dates from 19th century. It may sound incredible, but there are more than 600 varieties that have a different flavour (!), size and texture. But all varieties are just as beneficial with high vitamin content. Even medicinal and cosmetic properties have been attributed to strawberries.


When buying strawberries, the first thing to notice is their colour. Your strawberries must be bright red, their caps and stems green and fresh. They better be shiny and clean. In general, opt for small or regular sized ones, with a tight flesh.

Do not get carried away and exaggerate in the quantity you buy; ideally you should buy the exact quantity you need because they spoil easily. Like all fruits, strawberries should be consumed in season


Strawberries are preserved in the refrigerator. But you should not wash them nor remove their stem before putting them in the fridge and in any case you should consume them within two to three days maximum.

The golden rule that requires good washing for fruits and vegetables also applies here. Be careful, however, how you wash your strawberries. Never soak them in water; instead, put them in a strainer under running cold water. Don’t be stingy about the quantity of water because due to their rough texture, strawberries retain quite a lot of dirt as well as chemicals that may have been used. The stem must only be removed after washing, because it protects the strawberries from absorbing water and hence losing their flavour and vitamins

You can enjoy strawberries in many different ways. Although nothing can compare to a fresh strawberry dipped in chocolate, let’s look at some suggestions.

Consumption – Enjoyment!

For one, you can enjoy them plain, without any extra ingredients so you may savour their entire flavour, or combine them with other fruits in a healthy fruit salad for variety and extra vitamins

Your diet and appetite permitting, you may add sugar or some Pomegranate Balsamic Cream and, of course, whipped cream. A timeless value!

Of course, you can raise the experience to a higher level by dipping your strawberries in milk chocolate mixed with a little brandy or some Fig Balsamic Cream. Generally, you can add them to desserts like tarts, cheesecakes, panacotta, sponge or cream cakes.

Strawberries can also be made into amazing jam, stewed fruit or liqueur. They are also an ingredient for the finest smoothies and the most special cocktails. In fact, if you choose to enjoy a sparkling cocktail, you can add a touch of Honey Balsamic Vinegar and feel the flavour taking off to a new dimension.

Strawberries are also transformed into excellent ice cream; when garnished with Fig Balsamic Cream, it becomes truly addictive! Strawberry ice-cream also happens to be the children’s favourite – and children should know!

Finally, you can add strawberries to your spring green salads. They combine wonderfully with rocket and of course with Classic Balsamic Vinegar Kalamata Papadimitriou, the No1 balsamic vinegar in Greece!

Strawberries are a very good nutritional choice with few calories and a lot of flavour! They will add color to your life, not to mention plenty of vitamin C!