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Ideas and suggestions for snacks at school and the office

The school year has begun and both children and grownups try to adapt to new conditions and increased obligations.

Parents are challenged to “fit” everything into their day: work, school, helping children with their homework, out-of-school activities, play and of course … domestic chores.

Right or wrong, the only way to do it and to gain (a little) time for themselves is good planning. In the context of this planning, many of the next day’s “open issues” will have to be dealt with the night before.

One of these is the children’s school snack.

The benefits of a healthy snack are numerous and important for children. A homemade and nutritious mid-day school snack offers better concentration in class, lifts the children’s mood and provides them with the necessary energy to cope with the day’s activities. At the same time, during their school years, children develop eating habits that they will probably stick with for all their lives. The snack choices therefore, must not be just tasty but also nutritional and must include a variety of foods

In fact, nutritionists suggest that parents not only should allow their children to participate in their nutrition programming but also follow it themselves to set a good example. The familiar plastic food containers, therefore, concern us all!

Let’s see some nutritious snacks ideas:

Devote one day of the week to vegetables. Name it Vegetable Day and prepare children in advance to avoid their nagging. Prepare a plastic food container with julienne carrots, some cherry tomatoes or other seasonal vegetables. Cut the vegetables into strange – cute shapes and give the children a reason to smile. Do not forget to add a little balsamic vinegar Kalamata Papadimitriou (classic or organic) to improve the vegetables’ taste and make the children feel that they are eating something unique. You can enrich the snack with homemade bread.

Surprise the children by making their favourite toasted sandwich with a twist. Toast the bread and spread it with oregano & thyme mustard Kalamata Papadimitriou. This soft Mediterranean mustard with its distinctive aromatic herbs will change the taste and texture of the snack. Add cheese, chicken and naturally abundant seasonal vegetables. If you have time and are in the right mood, make homemade potatoes (chips) in the oven. It is advisable to avoid the frying pan.

No matter how much pizza the children eat … it’s never enough. Choose your own ingredients and create a delicious homemade snack. A slice of your own pizza with wholemeal flour, tomato sauce, cheese and seasonal vegetables is a hearty and nutritious snack for school. Do not forget to add Kalamata Papadimitriou fig balsamic cream to the tomato sauce. Its highly aromatic and gentle taste will give a delightful effect and excite the children.

Hide as many seasonal vegetables as you can in awesome mini tarts. Mix meat or chicken, with vegetables and cheeses and make the taste more tantalizing with mustard with honey “squeeze” Kalamata Papadimitriou. This idea is a smart way to “offer” to children the vegetables they do not particularly like but are necessary for their diet.

Finally, once a week compensate your children (and yourself) with a homemade dessert. We recommend that you prepare a delicious cocoa cake with pomegranate balsamic cream. And do not forget to put more pieces in the plastic food containers so they can share with their classmates.

All of the above suggestions may be accompanied by a seasonal fruit or some dried fruit.

We wish a good and “tasty” school year to you all!