Fasting: from the boosting of faith to the uplifting of flavour – Kalamata Papadimitriou

Fasting: from the boosting of faith to the uplifting of flavour

If you think about it, fasting is an excellent period from a nutritional viewpoint and can offer special tasting experiences. In our days, the abundance and especially the variety of fasting dishes have transformed this forty-day period into a nutritional challenge and, at the same time, an excellent occasion for the detoxification of the body.

If you have an appetite for creativity and a vivid imagination, then the fasting options can overwhelm you.

We suggest that you experiment with new ingredients and create special combinations and wonderful flavours.

Turn the salads into main courses!

Salads, as you well know, are not only vegetable- based. Try creating a salad with lentils, rice and Arabic flatbread. Or a warm salad with chickpeas, spinach and avocado cream; or even better, a gourmet option with green salad, boiled octopus and a fruit of your choice. The idea to add fruits in salads is by no means new, but in this particular case, it will make your dish richer and more nutritious. Do not forget to add Orange and Lemon Balsamic Cream to your recipe. You can’t begin to imagine how the cream’s slightly acidic taste complements the sea flavour of the octopus!

Main dishes… and let your imagination roam

It is true that the main courses for the fasting period allow you to be as creative as you like.

Do you miss the classical Sunday “giouvetsi” – beef with orzo pasta in the Dutch oven? You can replace it with a seafood, basil and tsipouro “giouvetsi”. A few drops of balsamic cream over your mussels will compensate you for all the meat you are avoiding.

Do you miss the spaghetti Bolognese? Replace it with a classical and very tasty spaghetti with shrimps. Don’t forget to add two spoonfuls of Fig Balsamic Cream in the sauce. Its mild acidity will awaken your guests’ senses.

Do you miss your cheese pie at the office? Replace it with a gourmet shrimp pie with shortcrust pastry. The mild mustard in the mixture of shrimps, French parsley and hartwort is pure delight.

Or do you miss tzatziki? If so, how about replacing it with a yellow split pea puree with caramelized onions. Opt for Honey Balsamic Vinegar to caramelize your onions to perfection.

Desserts: there are temptations allowed during fasting

Even during the fasting period, there is room for chocolate. Just choose pure dark chocolate. Any type you choose –plain, with nuts or with dried fruits, will boost your taste and your morale! You may also bake a superb Bundt cocoa cake with Pomegranate Balsamic Cream. The combination of the sweet and sour pomegranate balsamic cream with the bitterness of the chocolate promises to make this cake a family favourite for any time of the year, not just for the period of fasting.

Finally, apart from chocolate, there is also the classical halva, the nougats, the typically Greek fruit spoon sweets; but most important there are thousands of occasions within the forty-day fasting period before Easter for yummy flavours and delightful moments.

Don’t miss them!