Brunch: the new meal we have learned to worship! – Kalamata Papadimitriou

Brunch: the new meal we have learned to worship!

Not too long ago an invitation for Brunch reasonably posed questions, leaving us to wonder what time will eventually meet and what we are going to eat. Today it gives us the feeling of living “in modern times” and makes us anticipate delicious flavors.

The word Brunch is derived from a combination of breakfast and lunch and is usually eaten – as the name suggests – during the late morning to early afternoon, between breakfast and lunch. Indeed it is so elaborate (and tasty) that it replaces these two meals.

Even though the Brunch habit is recent in Greece, it has been a habit in England since the end of the 19th century and in the United States since the 1930’s. Specifically in England, the first mention of the word Brunch in the press was recorded in 1896 in the article “Brunch: a plea” which was published in the Hunter’s Weekly magazine.

In Greece, Brunch started from those who “lived it up” on Saturday nights and therefore woke up late and hungry the next day. They needed other than a strong coffee (or tea) a good meal to erase the previous night’s debauchery.

Now it is the perfect excuse for Sunday strolls or family and friends gatherings at home where one can start by enjoying a cup of coffee and then move on to delicious dishes with anything one’s heart desires: from croissants and rusks with honey, to omelets, hamburgers and cheese soufflés. Anything goes at Brunch! Besides, Sunday is the ideal day to get away from our strict eating habits

– Brunch food

For a successful Brunch, we must be very careful with the dishes we prepare. Brunch is not a full breakfast. It is something more than that. It balances between breakfast and lunch. Depending on the time your guests arrive, you must adjust your choices. For example, someone starting his Brunch at 11:00am may begin with something sweet like sponge cakes, toasted bread with honey, jams, marmalades, yogurt etc. However, someone who starts his Brunch at 13:00pm would rather pass on the sweet fares and go directly for savoury dishes that are more appropriate for lunch.

Brunch starters include rusks with honey and various jams and marmalades. Also milk with cereals, nuts and of course Corinth raisins that apart from being nutritious are renowned for their antioxidant properties. They can also include toasted bread with turkey and/or prosciutto or sandwiches with smoked salmon and green salad on grains and seeds sandwich bread or brioche. Don’t forget to add some orange & lemon balsamic cream drops on the salmon. It will transport the flavor to another dimension. You may also make sweet or savory crepes. A delectable sweet crepe is one with a dark chocolate filling and strawberry balsamic cream on the garnish. If you are the daring kind, add two drops of chili balsamic cream in the dark chocolate filling and lift off both flavor and mood. The butter croissants can tempt your guests but so can the yogurt, if served with stewed fruit or sweet preserves, topped with nuts such as walnuts, Corinth raisins and pomegranate balsamic cream.

Eggs have the leading role in a Brunch. Hard boil the eggs and add them to sandwiches or toasted breads. But the most usual way to serve them (which is also particularly tasty) is to make an omelet. You may add vegetables, cured meats, cheeses or anything else you crave for; the perfect finishing touch is to add a little balsamic cream. It improves the image, not just the taste! Don’t forget to sprinkle some red pepper in the end.

And as the hands of the clock start pointing to early afternoon, the finely sliced beef filets with the fries and the caramelized onions can offer a journey to flavour. Do not forget to garnish the fries with oregano and thyme mustard; for the onions to caramelize to perfection, add pomegranate balsamic cream.

Finally, the king of the Brunch is the burger. Expand your horizon and allow flavour and imagination run wild! Burgers with minced meat from beef or chicken or with soy or vegetables or even with fried chicken will more than compensate you and your guests. Best if served, of course, with fries garnished with BBQ balsamic cream and accompanied with Kalamata Papadimitriou mustard.

– Brunch drinks

A fundamental element and essential for most Brunch lovers is the choice of beverages that accompany it: Coffee, whether hot or cold, delicious and aromatic kinds of tea from all over the world, fresh seasonal fruit juices and natural smoothies in many and imaginative combinations. If you really want to make a difference, given that Brunch is not your everyday habit, you can also choose to accompany it with a cocktail and not necessarily an alcoholic one, as most can be served in their virgin, alcohol free version. If you want a more elaborate selection, a good idea would be to consult the menus of hotels or restaurants that regularly serve brunch, where you are bound to find a great variety of suitable beverages.