Beet salad – Kalamata Papadimitriou

Beet salad

Balsamic Vinegar Fig


2pounds fresh red beets leaves /stalks removed or 2 cans of sliced beets (discard liquid)
2-3 cloves of garlic, minced
½ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
¼ cup Balsamic Vinegar with Fig extract “Kalamata Papadimitriou
Sea salt marinated with herbs


If using fresh beets: Remove leaves, leaving about an inch of stem, and don’t cut the taproot. Wash gently (don’t break the skin), and place in a pot of cold water to cover.

Bring to a boil and cook until done (firm but cooked, about 40-50 minutes). Drain the beets, cool under running cold water, and remove skin with fingers. Slice.

Combine beets, garlic, oil, and vinegar in a bowl and toss. Add salt and pepper to taste, and refrigerate covered for several hours before serving. Enjoy!


Pancetta salad (salata siglino)