Sandwich with Salmon fillet and Barbecue Balsamic Cream Sauce – Kalamata Papadimitriou

Sandwich with Salmon fillet and Barbecue Balsamic Cream Sauce

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Recipy: Dimitris Skarmoutsos, Chef
Balsamic Cream BBQ

TIME: 95min


30 ml olive oil
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 green Cubanelle pepper, diced
1 red Florina pepper, diced
1 medium oinion, diced,
30 gr fresh ginger, finely chopped
2 tbsp barbecue balsamic cream
A few drops of lemon juice
4 slices of fresh salmon, about 180 gr each

For the sauce:
4 tbsp barbecue balsamic cream Kalamata Papadimitriou
1/2 cup fresh coriander, finely chopped
1 tbsp chives, finely chopped
Salt, to taste
Pepper, freshly ground, to taste
4 bread rolls – any type, according to taste.
Lettuce leaves
Tomato slices

In a small frying pan, sauté in olive oil the garlic, peppers onions and fresh ginger for 3-4 minutes until soft and translucent.
Transfer the content of the frying pan to a large bowl; add 2 tbsp barbeque balsamic cream and the lemon juice and mix well.
Place the salmon fillets in the bowl. Turn them around so they are completely coated by the marinade; allow fillets to marinate for at least 60 minutes.
Preheat the oven at 180ο C.
Lightly wipe off the excess marinade from the fish fillets; lay them out on a baking tray, and bake for about 6 minutes.
Flip over and bake for another 6 minutes, until they are cooked through. For a medium rare result, reduce baking time by 1-2 minutes. 

For the sauce:
In a bowl, combine 4 tbsp barbecue balsamic cream with the coriander, chives, salt and pepper.
Cut the bread rolls in half; spread with the barbecue balsamic sauce, add lettuce leaves, slices of tomatoes and the salmon fillets and serve.


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